Although the Masseria has its own history, we won’t narrate it. We prefer to let your imagination invent stories and characters that animate it, hoping that they will keep you company during your stay and long after.

Vittorio Guastamacchia

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Built by my anchestors, once a 17th century olive oil mill, Masseria Serra dell’Isola is today a unique place for travellers to relax and find tranquillity, while cooking far away from the hectic cities.
Time has stopped here centuries ago and has preserved its history and culture unaltered through the authentic lifestyle of those days, when the wayfarer was welcomed as a sacred guest, and left as a friend. More than the owner, I consider myself the heiress and the guardian of this tradition.
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the masseria of wonders

Pots Cats and Small Things

20 February 2023

From the far past: 3 days for a special stay and extraordinary cooking experience

In Southern Italy, during the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, from Naples to Palermo, included Puglia, with little differences from a region to the other, the Chefs of the noble families used to prepare wonderful, elaborated dishes, often derived from France. The Master Chefs from Naples to Palermo were called “Monsieur”, name converted and italianized in “Monzù” or “Monsù”.
25 February 2021

La salsa – Homemade tomato sauce for winter

I'm tired. But I continue to look at the moon. Enchanted. Maybe I should not  do it, it's not my role, it is no more my role. But this day, dedicated to the preparation of  "SALSA”, the classic “tomato passata” , was unforgettable. Nowadays  this Puglia tradition has become lost, because also here in every supermarket you can find  platforms of “tomato passata” offered for cheap price. Anyone is invited to cast away this authentic tradition and “home made salsa” is going to be thrown into oblivion. But not me.

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