2 nights escape



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Masseria Serra dell’Isola


Masseria Serra dell’Isola
Strada provinciale 165 Mola-Conversano n° 35


Feb 05 - 06 2024

2 nights escape

Thank God Mola is not a tourist town! Life flows slowly around the charming little harbour and the village. In two days you will discover two different worlds. The first, the amazing age of Borboni Puglia and the second, the world of fishermen and farmers, who’s way of life seems untouched for hundreds of years. Through the original dishes that still survive in our homes today you will taste true Puglia and will never be able to forget her.


Having 2 nights staying, you have 3 chances:

  1. 2 full day cooking classes arriving on your own in the morning of the first day, between 9.00 am and 10.00 am and you will have meat and fish dishes.

  2. 1 half day and 1 full day cooking classes arriving on your own at 4.00 pm of the first day. Also here you could have the chance to have fish and meat dishes.

  3. You could arrive just for a special welcome dinner, having only 1 full day cooking class the second day you have to ask for fish or meat.


Most of the vegetables that we need for our dishes comes from our organic garden It’s a pleasure for our guests to pick up the vegetables with us.
We are going to prepare many seasonal vegetables, fresh pasta making and some bakery, and some meat or fish dishes.
We are going to prepare a meat dish following the seasons.
At sunset when the boats arrive in Mola di Bari we could buy what we need for our afternoon cookery class about fish for our dinner: Riso Patate e Cozze, Octopus, Cavatelli al Nero di Seppia, whatever we will find, so fresh.



  1. MaryEllen Freeman says:

    I am very interested in the September 26-27 cooking classes and accomodations for my husband and myself. I cook, he only eats! Please send more information about the classes.
    Many thanks,
    MaryEllen Freeman
    Bozeman Montana USA

    • Rita says:

      So sorry, Madam,
      I never go on this blog and I receive requests through my website.
      I abandoned this blog because of my spam comments. And when I have time I remove all the comments. But today I was surprised finding your request pending.
      Yes I could welcome you!
      If you need further informations please write at info@cucinainmasseria.it.

  2. Lily Stevens says:

    Hi there

    I’m interested in your 2 day cookery experience for myself and my husband whilst on our honeymoon. We will be staying in Puglia from 2nd-9th June if you have any availability then? Please let me know the prices?
    Many thanks


  3. Dear Lily yes it is possible but if you write me at my email address info@cucinainmasseria.it it will be easier for me to give you any information and details
    Looking forward to your kin reply on my email address
    Warm regards

  4. Eva Caceres says:

    Hello I’m interested in 2 day

    2 of us ( mother, daughter)
    Thank you

  5. Eva Caceres says:

    Class for two on the 26,27
    Mother daughter

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