From the far past: 3 days for a special stay and extraordinary cooking experience



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Masseria Serra dell’Isola


Masseria Serra dell’Isola
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Aug 21 - 22 2020

From the far past: 3 days for a special stay and extraordinary cooking experience

Only for maximum 6 people.


In Southern Italy, during the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, from Naples to Palermo, included Puglia, with little differences from a region to the other, the Chefs of the noble families used to prepare wonderful, elaborated dishes, often derived from France. The Master Chefs from Naples to Palermo were called “Monsieur”, name converted and italianized in “Monzù” or “Monsù”.

A famous Apulian Monsù from Oria, Vincenzo Corrado, was the Master Chef of noble families in Naples, and wrote famous books as “Il Credenziere di Buon Gusto” and “Il cibo pitagorico ovvero erbaceo, ad uso de’ nobili e letterati”, an advanced vegetarian book written at the end of the 18th century.

You will be immersed for 3 days in the far past.
Not only special dishes from the original notebook of My Great Grandmother Donna Ritella d’Erario, Baroness of Tolve, and from the famous Monsù, such as Vincenzo Corrado, but also because you will eat in old plates, drinking in old glasses, and using silver cutlery.

When everything will be ready, the 3rd day you will enjoy the music and dances of a group of dancers of Romantic dances, as Walz, Contraddances, with old dresses, and if you wish you could dance with them.

Ready to cook?
Every day you will eat and prepare also typical Puglia dishes, while cooking step by step the spectacular menu.

You will prepare different kinds of seasonal vegetables, different kinds of pasta dishes, dry and fresh, Rice Potatoes and Mussels, Mozzarelle and Burrata, Fave e cicorie (Broad beans and Chicories) and so on.

Here is the 3rd day Menu

Special Savoury Pie

Consommé d’Oignons
Carciofi indorati e fritti
Fritti a ventu


Arancini al ragù
Arancine with besciamelle and ham
Frittata di Maccheroni
Peperoni Abbuttonati

Salame di Cioccolato
Rhum Babà


If you wish to book this extraordinary experience, being immersed in the history of our country and learning the most typical Puglia dishes, there are only a few places available in the following dates:

6th – 9th March
13th – 16th March
20th — 23rd March
27th – 30th March
3rd – 6th April
17th – 20th April
24th – 27th April
1st – 4th May
8th – 11th May
15th – 18th May

For further information, prices and availability please write to: and book your experience.

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